links for 2008-12-04

  • ”Today we are launching three big things for TypePad bloggers and readers alike: profiles (a reinvention of TypeKey), new commenting capabilities in a beta service we call TypePad Connect that is free for all bloggers and extends these features to any site.  This isn’t just about providing comments and profiles for your site, but also connecting your community with the rest of the social web.”
  • En svensk We feel fine.
  • ”More importantly, it takes far too long for a big, breaking story to hit the main tech page of Google News. That’s likely because Google News is waiting for enough sources to write about it, while Techmeme is comfortable putting a big story on the site even if only one source has covered it so far.

    This slowness is exactly the thing that stops a site like Digg from being a good source of breaking news. People submit the big stories early, but by the time it hits Digg’s frontpage (which most people read), it’s usually not that fresh anymore. That similarity is interesting when you consider that Google was recently attempting to buy Digg, supposedly to revamp Google News.”

  • ”Any competent developer who tries to automate the selection of news headlines will inevitably discover that this approach always comes up a bit short. Automation does indeed bring a lot to the table — humans can't possibly discover and organize news as fast as computers can. But too often the lack of real intelligence leads to really unintelligent results. Only an algorithm would feature news about Anna Nicole Smith's hospitalization after she's already been declared dead, as our automated celeb news site WeSmirch did last year:”